We need people to help coordinate events, raise funds, create publicity, offer information at the Farmers Market, help paint a mural, and involve local businesses. We also anticipate needing someone to write grants to expand our events in the future. Please e-mail us if you'd like to join our team. Or sign up at our Farmers Market booth.


We need funds for the following important items:

In addition, any donations we receive beyond paying basic expenses will be given to the SCIHP Native Youth Dance Group

Please make your check payable to The Pomo Project and mail to 540 DuFranc Avenue, Sebastopol CA 95472. Or you may contribute cash at our booth at the Farmer's Market. Thank you.


We have several suggestions for businesses to participate in this year's festivities:

We are also open to your ideas. To participate, please email us.


Tell your friends, family, coworkers, and other associates about the wonderful events that are coming.

If you're new to Pomo culture, check out books and videos from our library system. Share what you discover to nurture your own and others' curiosity, pleasure, and understanding.

Visit the art shows in October. Attend the talks, visit our Farmers Market booths, watch the dancers. Make friends and share your enthusiasm.

Thank you for helping make Pomo Honoring Month a rich experience for all.