The Pomo Project needs the help of many people in our community to offer many good opportunities for learning and connection. We are grateful to everyone who helps in any way, whether by contributing time and work, ideas and encouragement, financial and in-kind support, or a place for events and exhibits.

Here are some of our generous sponsors:

American Dream Theater

Janey Hirsh's wonderful company of actors performed her original political musical comedy, WEYA, as part of our second Pomo Honoring Month. This year they will perform her new play, High Stakes.

Art & Soul of Sebastopol

Sabina Fried and Margaret Conner have given a wonderful assortment of art supplies toward producing the youth art show at Sprint Copy.

Christine Cobaugh

Photographer Christine Cobaugh has worked tirelessly with the youth at Sonoma County Indian Health Project and the Native Youth Dancers, teaching them photography, matting and framing their art work, attending their dance performances, and generally building a bridge of trust.

Coffee Catz

Coffee Catz is providing space for a Pomo Youth Art Exhibit and a Poetry Event in our fourth year, October, 2013.

East West Cafe

Sam Shaboon showed Christine Cobaugh's photographs of Pomo dancers, children, and elders, October and November of our first year.

Eco-Green Real Estate Agent Certification Program

During our first year, Eco-Green provided us with many hours of Farmers Market coordination by Sharon Ledbetter, and financed signs and flyers.

Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market has generously given us space to inform people about the project and has hosted the Pomo Youth Dancers every year.

Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria

The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria co-sponsored a talk by Greg Sarris our first year, paying the rental fee to Sebastopol Community Cultural Center and helping with publicity. Members of the tribe and the Tribal Council continue to offer us advice and information.

French Garden Restaurant

Joan Marler and Dan Smith host the film produced by Big Valley Rancheria on Lake County Pomo history through 1900.

John Omaha, Ph.D.

John Omaha and his son-in-law Richard Self generously loaned two 1924 Edward S. Curtis photographs of Pomo women on the Russian River to Sebastopol Gallery for their "Imagining the Pomo Way" exhibit in 2010.

Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation

The Laguna Foundation produced a beautiful email that helped make Greg Sarris' talk a great success in 2010. In 2012, they hosted a wonderful talk by Edward Willie on the native view of permaculture.

Larry Robinson

While on Sebastopol City Council, Larry Robinson introduced the resolution declaring Pomo Honoring Month. In 2013, he contributed his beautiful pottery to our fundraiser: Good Karma Art Sale & Pomo Project Benefit. He also offers good advice.

Laura Shafer is organizing our education component, including events at Analy, Brookhaven, and the library.

Many Rivers Books & Tea

Many Rivers is hosting two talks, one about the art at Sebastpol Gallery, and one about traditional Pomo singing and medicine.

Mike Shoys

The journey of nature photography gave Mike Shoys a feeling of connection with the ancestors. He is donating 15% of the proceeds from his show, "Stories of the Soil," at Roasters Coffee in Forestville, depicting the land "as it is now and probably has been for thousands of years."

Move 2 Change

Sebastopol's newest dance, yoga, and pilates studio is hosting an art exhibit, and looking forward to hosting other events in the future.

Pacific Market

Pacific Market has generously donates food for the Pomo dancers and their families when they come to Sebastopol to perform.

Painting spirits, cycles & waters

Sandy Eastoak has acted as lightning rod for the Pomo Project since its beginning, taking heat as well as performing a variety of tasks, from hosting meetings to designing posters.

Peace in Medicine

Peace in Medicine exhibited art works through the month of October, 2010, and hosted a talk by Pomo botanist Vana

Risk Press Gallery

Risk Press has committed their gallery space to a Pomo Project art exhibit and associated events during October, 2014.

Sebastopol Area Chamber of Commerce

Teresa Ramondo encourages participation by local businesses, and helps get the word

Sebastopol Center for the Arts

Sebastopol Center for the Arts is beginning their collaboration with us by hosting Janey Hirsh's play, High Stakes, in our 4th year, 2013.

Sebastopol City Council

Our City Council passed the resolution making October Annual Pomo Honoring Month. In 2012, they passed a resolution supporting our project of placing signage about the Pomo use of the land in Laguna and Ives Parks.

Sebastopol Community Cultural Center

Sebastopol Community Cultural Center is co-sponsoring a talk by Greg Sarris at the Youth Annex on October 29, by reducing the rent and staff fees and waiving deadlines to make it all happen.

Sebastopol Gallery

Our local gallery was the origin point of the Pomo Project. Our first year they had a show, "Imagining the Pomo Way," including interpretive works by member artists and crafts by Pomo guests. Since then, member artist Sandy Eastoak has show works about the Pomo each October.

Sebastopol Library

Our public library hosted a storytelling event our first year, and displays and features books.

Sebastopol United Methodist Church

Reverend Judith Stone has been generous in supporting our efforts, and her board has provided a venue for our Women's Forum.

Slice of Life Restaurant

Slice of Life has hosted exhibits of graphite portraits by Pomo artist Johnny Clay and photographs of Pomo dancers by Christine

Sonoma County Gazette

Vesta Copestakes is consistently supportive, and generously donates space in her active community news magazine.

Sonoma County Indian Health Center Native Youth Group

Joe Salinas brings his Native Dance Group to our events, and provided a classroom for creating the youth art work shown at Sprint and Coffee Catz.

Sonoma County Regional Parks

In our second year, Sonoma County Regional Parks graciously hosted our production of WEYA in the beautiful equestrian grove in Ragle Ranch Park.

Sprint Copy Center

Ron Hudelson dedicated his wall space during October, 2010, to art work by Pomo children and youth. www.sprintcopycenter

Sweat Your Prayers 5 Rhythms Dance

Sweat Your Prayers donated the proceeds of their dance event on October 15, 2010, to the Pomo Project.

Barry Chertov supports the Pomo Project by free coverage in his online bulletin board and Daily Digest, and general good will.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods has provided lunches for the Native Youth Dance Group when they perform at the Farmers Market.

Thank all of you so much. We can't do it without you!



photo: Laguna de Santa Rosa