Art Reception at Peace in Medicine

Our second week began with a reception at Peace in Medicine for paintings by Sandy Eastoak, photographs by Christine Cobaugh, and a mock-up of a Pomo History Mural by Joseph Salinas & friends.

photo: Sarah, Armando & Sandy at the Mural mock-up

KRCB Mouthful interview

On Sunday morning, Armando Williams, Sandy Eastoak and Edward Willie joined Michele Anna Jordan at the Farmers Market to record an interview for her show, Mouthful, to be broadcast at 7 pm on Sunday, probably the 24th. Also available at When Michele asked Edward about his basket making, he said to make a sedge root basket, it's not enough to know how to make the basket. You have to know how to gather the sedge root, you have to know how to take care of the sedge. This means you take care of the whole environment of the sedge.

sedge & environment

Farmers Market booths

Thanks to great organizing by Sharon Ledbetter, we had several crafts booths as well as our Pomo history booth. We also had Albert Tenaya playing flute between the Mouthful interview and the dancers.

photo: Irene Butler with her jewelry

Irene Butler with her jewelry display.

Necklace & earrings by Barbara & Gabriel Rivera

Abalone & pine nut set by Barbara & Gabriel Rivera.

Beaded earrings by Barbara & Gabriel Rivera

Earrings in the style Gabriel's grandmother taught him. Barbara has a story for each pair.

Rudy Hammock at booth

Rudy Hammock, Sr., at his jewelry booth.

necklace by Rudy Hammock, Jr.

Beaded necklace by Rudy Hammock, Jr.

Johnny Clay at booth

Johnny Clay at his booth: prints, cards, beadwork & more.

Edward Willie at History booth

Edward Willie answers basketry, history, & ecology questions at our History Booth.

Joann Bacci talks with a visitor

Joann Bacci has a lively talk with a visitor.

Joann, Laura & Sharon at history booth

Joann Bacci, Laura Shafer, & Sharon Ledbetter at our History Booth.

history booth exhibit

History booth displays by Edward & Joann

history display

information display

Christine Cobaugh's prints, mock-up of Joe Salinas' Pomo history mural, Sandy Eastoak's cards, & other info.

Pomo map

Pomo history map provided by Sharon Ledbetter.

redwood & abalone

Abalone & redwood

History booth at the Farmers Market

Our booth at the Farmers Market

Native Youth Dancers at Farmers Market

At noon, Joe Salinas brought his Native Youth Dance Group to perform at Sebastopol Farmers Market. A large crowd turned out just to see them, and were beautifully welcoming and receptive. Some observers remarked that waves of healing energy were going down into the earth, up into the sky, and out in the four directions. O!

Joe Salinas introduces dancers

Joe Salinas introduces dancers.

singers warming up

The singers warming up.

dancers coming out

dancers on Plaza

girl dancers coming out

girl dancers


male dancer

male dancers

male dancer


Mayor Gurney admiring girl dancers

Mayor Gurney admiring the dancers.

girl dancers whirling

girl dancers

dancers heading home

Thanks to Bert Kaplan, Christine Cobaugh, and Whole Foods Market for providing lunches for the dancers and singers. Thanks to Sebastopol Gallery for providing a place to dress.

KOWS interview with Ken Rose

On Monday, October 11, Laura Shafer and Sandy Eastoak went out to KOWS studios in Occidental for an interview with Ken Rose. His show, What Now, was broadcast live that morning, and is available as a podcast online at Armando Williams joined us by phone from Gualala.

Sandy & Laura with Ken Rose

Armando Williams at Many Rivers

On Thursday evening, Armando Williams gave his talk at Many Rivers Books & Tea. Singing medicine songs, showing his sacred dance regalia, and sharing pepperwood and angelica root, Armando introduced an eager audience to Pomo healing and protection traditions.

Armando at Many Rivers

Beginning his talk

Armando speaking

Feather skirt front

Showing the front of his feather skirt*

Feather skirt back

Showing the back & structure of his feather skirt

Sandy's Flicker painting

Showing Sandy Eastoak's flicker

Flicker band

Showing his flicker band*

how the flicker band is worn

How the flicker band is worn*

showing pepperwood

Showing pepperwood

smelling pepperwood

Smelling pepperwood

demonstrating clacker

Demonstrating the bamboo clacker

final song

Final song: blessing the evening, all who are there & all who are dear...


*photo courtesy of G.M. Sterne