Sweat Your Prayers Benefit

On October 15, Sweat Your Prayers 5-rhythm dance event held a benefit for The Pomo Project, donating the entire take for the evening to support our work! Thank you Suzie and Leslie!

Sandy helping set up altar

Sandy Eastoak helps set up the altar.**

photo: organizers

Organizers Laura Shafer, Suzie Gruber, Sandy Eastoak, Sharon Ledbetter, & Leslie King.**

altar at Sweat Your Prayers

The altar, including Joe Salinas' Pomo History Mural mock-up, Armando Williams' dance regalia, Sandy Eastoak's salmon Migration.


Dancers moving to the rhythms.

meditating at the altar

Meditating at the altar.**


dancers & altar


offering the dance

Slowing for the final blessing.

**photo courtesy of Laura Shafer

Sun Girl

When Vana's talk was canceled on rainy Sunday, Laura Shafer sang to some of the people who had gathered. The last verse of her song emerged when flickers appeared in her yard the day after Armando talked about flicker feather regalia and lore at Many Rivers.

Laura singing

Come little flicker to the redwood tree
Live with me near the ocean’s breeze
We remember how it was
To sing and dance the Creator’s laws

Sun girl Sun girl fly away
Sun girl Sun girl fly home

Sun girl Sun girl fly away
Sun girl Sun girl fly home

- lyrics by Laura Shafer

Farmers Market in the rain

photo: Farmers Market booth

Our booth on a wet day.

people gathering at booth

People gathered to talk.

display at booth

Our display.


A good conversation.

sharon, armando & ron

Sharon, Armando, and Ron.

Johnny Clay's show at Slice of Life

Suzie enjoying Johnny's art

Suzie Gruber enjoys Johnny Clay's work as she awaits her meal.

Ron looking at Johnny's art

Ron looks closely at Johnny's portrait.

drawing by Johnny Clay

drawing by Johnny Clay

drawing by Johnny Clay

Suzie & Ron looking at Johnny's art

Johnny's art at Slice of Life

drawing by Johnny Clay

See more of Johnny Clay's art at www.johnnyclayart.com.

Note: this show is up through Thanksgiving.

Vana Lawson's second talk

On Tuesday at Peace in Medicine, Vana Lawson gave a well-attended, 2-hour talk on the native plants used by the Kashaya Pomo.

Vana Lawson at Peace in Medicine

Gathering around.**

Vana talking

Vana telling her story.**

**photo courtesy of Laura Shafer

Hinth'el Gaahnula at French Garden

On Wednesday, thanks to Joan Marler and Dan Smith, we showed the brilliant film produced by Big Valley Rancheria: Hinth'el Gaahnula (Talking Indian): a Narrative History of the Lake County Pomo to 1900. This film is available through the Sonoma County Library system.

Waiting to start film

Sandy Eastoak giving folks time to settle.*

watching the film

Joan Marler running the projector.*

watching the film

Watching the film.

View of the audience

The film is an intense account of a brutal period in history, contrasted to the harmonious life before Europeans came to Pomo lands. When it ended, we sat in stunned silence, then joined hands in a circle, then hugged the person to our left and the person to our right. Only then could we begin to speak. One of the audience is a relative of a woman whose over-voice tells one of the most heart rending stories in the film. We were deeply honored by her presence. As overwhelming as the wounds of history, we felt a small healing that night, and a great love.

*photo courtesy of G.M.Sterne.

Pomo youth art at Sprint Copy Center

Christine Cobaugh worked many weeks with Joe Salinas in his Healthy Traditions class at the Sonoma County Indian Health Project. Sebastopol Gallery artists Sandy Eastoak and Teri Sloat brought drawing materials donated by Art & Soul Sebastopol. Joe's students drew many wonderful pictures. Christine contributed mats and frames for their art, and the Hudelson's provided space at their family business, Sprint Copy Center, to exhibit the work. All sales of these works go to support Joe's Native Youth Dance Group.

youth art at Sprint Copy

youth art at Sprint Copy

youth art at Sprint Copy

youth art at Sprint copy

youth art at Sprint Copy

youth art at Sprint Copy

youth art at Sprint Copy

Note: this show is up for the whole month of October.