School Program at Brookhaven

On Friday, Joe Salinas and Armando Williams presented Pomo traditions to all the classes at Brookhaven School.

photo: Sandy Eastoak, Armando Williams & Joe Salinas

Sandy Eastoak, Armando Williams, & Joe Salinas**

Joe Salinas at Brookhave Middle School

Joe talked about making regalia, the story of the flicker, chewing angelica root instead of brushing teeth, collecting birds killed on the highway, and making offerings to plants before taking them.

Joe showing flicker headbandJoe showing flicker headband

Armando spoke briefly and left the gym. When he reappeared in full dance regalia, he was greeted with appreciative gasps and exclamations.

Armando with Joe Armando & Joe with Egret & Ghost Elk by Sandy Eastoak

Armando Williams demonstrating dance

Armando Williams dancing, Joe Salinas singing Armando dances while Joe sings with clapper stick.

Armando showing dance to Brookhaven studentsArmando giving kids a close look.

Armando dancing

At the end of the assembly, the kids came down from the bleachers to look at Joe's regalia.

kids gathering around Joe's regalia

kids looking at Joes clapper stickslooking at clapper sticks**

The Brookhaven students were attentive, and some were heard, several days later, talking enthusiastically about what they learned. Thanks to Laura Shafer for organizing this event.

**photo courtesy of Laura Shafer


Art Show at Peace in Medicine

Sandy Eastoak, Christine Cobaugh, and Joe Salinas (& friends) exhibited their work throughout October at Peace in Medicine's classroom.

painting by Sandy Eastoak: "New Growth" (of pepperwood) Sandy Eastoak's watercolor: New Growth.

Most of Sandy's works in this show feature pepperwood, the most important Pomo medicine.

watercolor by Sandy EastoakBohem Trunks (pepperwood)

Sandy Eastoak acrylic: "Bohem & Fish" Bohem & Fish

Christine Cobaugh photographs Photographs by Christine Cobaugh

Photo by Christine Cobaugh Dancer at Ya-ka-Ama

Christine Cobaugh photo: young girl dancer Young girl dancer

Pomo history mural Pomo history mural (mock-up) by Joseph Salinas & friends.

Sandy Eastoak watercolor: "Bark Home" Bark Home by Sandy Eastoak

Kitty Ballard with Sandy's "Medicine" Kitty Ballard, Peace in Medicine's Member Service Director, with Sandy Eastoak's Medicine

Farmers Market booth rained out

rainy farmers market, no Pomo booth

Many thanks to Sharon Ledbetter for organizing the Pomo Project History & Culture booth each week, as well as the appearance of many Pomo craftspeople. Her efforts brought some of the most direct contacts with the community. O!

Georgia Churchill & Robert Herzbrun at Sebastopol Library

Georgia Churchill has been telling Pomo stories for 26 years, bringing them to life with Georgia Churchill, storytellertechniques learned from mime, improv, various dramatic philosophies/techniques, and voice. Besides teaching in schools, she drives "that beautiful, winding road" to Fort Ross to tell stories to students taking an over-night historical adventure. On Tuesday, she brought them to Sebastopol Library.

Georgia Churchill with audience

A dramatic moment

On this occasion, Sebastopol Cookie Company owner Robert Herzbrun joined her. His interludes of Native American flute provided mystery between the stories.Robert Herzbrun


Robert & Georgia

Robert & Georgia*

captivating the audience

a large audience

a large audience*

Georgia, Robert, & Sandy

Georgia, Robert, & Sandy Eastoak after the performance.*

*photo by G.M.Sterne

Kathleen Rose Smith & Beverly Ortiz at Copperfield's Books.

On Wednesday, Copperfield's Books collaborated with Heyday Books (publisher) to bring to wonderful authors to share their work. Kathleen Rose Smith (Bodega Miwok, Dry Creek Pomo) wrote the foreword for Margaret Dubin and Sara-Larus Tolley's book, Kathleen Rose Smith showing her bookSeaweed, Salmon, and Manzanita Cider: A California Indian Feast, full of pictures, recipes, and lore about the foods of many California tribes. She spoke about peppernuts, acorn, clover, miner's lettuce, manzanita and elderberry.




Beverly Ortiz teaches anthropology at California State University East Bay, writes a column, "Skills and Technology" forNews from Native California, and is an ethnographic consultant and California State Park naturalist. Her book, It Will Live Forever, shares the acorn Beverly Ortiz with her bookgathering, pounding, and cooking techniques taught by Julia Parker. A Kashia Pomo woman, Julia Parker married a Yosemite Miwok/Paiute man, and thee are the traditional methods of her husband's people.





Their presentation was engaging and informative, helping the audience understand the reverent and practical relationship of Pomo and other California native people to their local lands--especially to their foods, and the plants, animals, and cycles that provide them.


Christine Cobaugh's Photographs at East West Cafe

Professional photographer Christine Cobaugh worked for many weeks with students at Joseph Salinas' Healthy Traditions class, getting to know them and generously giving cameras, processing, and kind attention. She also attended many of Joe's Native Youth Dance Group events, which formed the basis of her show at East West Cafe.

diners enjoying Christine Cobaugh's work at East West Cafe

photos by Christine Cobaugh at East West Cafe






Christine Cobaugh photo from reflection series

While most of her photos in this show are of Pomo dancers, she included two from her Reflections series. These celebrate her love of natural beauty which she shares with the dancers she depicts with such respect and energy.

Dancer in yellow dress by Christine Cobaugh

Dancers by Christine Cobaugh


Dancers by Christine Cobaugh



Note: This show continues through the end of November.


Greg Sarris presents history at the Youth Annex

Our final event for Sebastopol's first annual Pomo Honoring Month was a talk by Greg Sarris to a packed audience on Friday night. He presented "An overview of local Southern Pomo and Coast Miwok cultural history, including a discussion of the lifestyles and associated social andGreg Sarris presenting religious systems that made for a ten thousand year sustainable relationship with this place. Focus will be on the villages in and around the Laguna de Santa Rosa and how the Laguna and associated water systems played an integral role in the social organization of the villages."


Sandy Eastoak introducing Greg Sarris






Sandy Eastoak introduced Greg Sarris and thanked the community for their warm reception of the 24 Pomo Honoring Month events.

A packed audience at the Youth Annex

an attentive audience

The audience that packed the Youth Annex listened intently.

Greg Sarris using mapsGreg made extensive use of two maps as he described the territories of the SouGreg Sarris showing detailsthern Pomo and Coast Miwok and the Pomo villages along the Laguna.

Following his talk full of rich details, insightful analysis, and intense feeling, Greg's audience asked thoughtful, intelligent questions that brought more fascinating stories to light.

Greg answering questionsGreg and audience






Greg told us that all 1200 enrolled members of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria are descended from only 14 survivors. After the talk he called some of these descendants to stand up front and be honored. (Sandy Eastoak is with them.)

the group


*photos (except Greg between 2 maps) by G.M. Sterne

Thanks to the Sebastopol Cultural Community Center, the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, the Laguna Foundation, Sebastopol City Council, and for making this last event so successful.

Thanks to Sebastopol Gallery, Art & Soul Sebastopol, Sprint Copy, French Garden, Many Rivers Books, Slice of Life, East West, Farmers Market, KRCB, KOWS, Sebastopol Public Library, Sebastopol Senior Center, Peace in Medicine, Sebastopol Cookie Company, Whole Foods Market, Sonoma County Indian Health Project, Native Youth Dance Group, Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce, Copperfield's Books, EcoGreen,, and Sweat Your Prayers for a full month of wonderful events.

Thanks to our ragtag group of artists and intrepid volunteers for putting it all together, especially Armando Williams, Sandy Eastoak, Laura Shafer, Christine Cobaugh, Sharon Ledbetter, Suzie Gruber, Bert Kaplan, Teri Sloat, Janey Hirsh, Sterling Hoffmann, Joseph Salinas, Johnny Clay, Albert Tenaya, Raphael Block, Gail Gardner, Vana Lawson, and Michael Sterne.

And thanks to our community for attending these events with such open-hearted enthusiasm and warmth. We are grateful to you all.